Do you know that there are things you must do before you sleep if you want to lose weight ?

Do you know that there is a relationship between time of eating and span of exercise to maximize weightloss ?
October 25, 2018
The mindset for weightloss
October 25, 2018

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What you MUST do before you sleep

Now this is very important

You must do at least one of the following before you sleep to aid sustainable weightloss

Give enough time for the gut to empty itself before you sleep . So basically eat your dinners early at least 3 hours before sleep .


Help your body to facilitate digestion and emptying by doing one or more of the following

1) Drink as much water as you can before bed ( of course you will urinate ….so what?)

2) Aid the gut bacteria with either Apple cider vinegar ( with the mother ) or 3 scoops of Greek yoghurt .

3) add lots of fiber to your dinners basically add salads ( without cream ) to your dinners .

4) Increase your metabolic rate before you sleep so you can burn calories while asleep . Basically exercise if you can before you sleep . 3-5 mins of exercise at this time does wonders .

5) take grapes before you sleep


Avoid taking liquid and solid carbs at night . Basically avoid taking Alcohol ( beer and MOST Alcoholic beverages contain simple carbohydrates that can cause weight gain ) and then eating carbs ( rice , swallows etc ) at night . If you must ; then choose one form of carbs – Liquid or solid .