The mindset for weightloss

Do you know that there are things you must do before you sleep if you want to lose weight ?
October 25, 2018
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October 26, 2018

The psychological aspect of weightloss is fundamental to the success of the whole process.

1) Determination to succeed : a firm resolve to finally shed those unwanted pounds

2) time : coming to terms with the fact that weightloss takes some time ( to become evident you need not years but some weeks ; that is maybe a few months )

3) Take the pressure of your shoulder : once you have decided to embark on the weightloss journey , learn to relax and enjoy the ride .

4) Do not compare : no two weightloss journeys are the same so please do not compare

5) you are human : because you are human , you can’t be perfect and might ” cheat ” once in a while ; not on your spouse……not at all , but on your weightloss protocol . Feel feel to dust yourself up and get back on .